U.S. hit by worst oil spill since 2013

More than 14,000 barrels of oil spilled on one of the largest oil pipelines in the US, Keystone, owned by the Canadian company TC Energy and located in the state of Kansas. About this on December 9 writes Reuters.

“The cause of the leak <…> is unknown. This is the third spill of several thousand barrels of oil on the pipeline since its discovery in 2010.

The operation of the pipeline was suspended immediately after it became known about the spill. TC Energy sent 100 people to clean up the aftermath. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in turn, said that the oil did not enter the sources of drinking water.

It is noted that the length of Keystone reaches almost 3.5 thousand km, up to 622 thousand barrels of oil pass through it per day.

The country’s previous major spill occurred in 2013, when an accident occurred in North Dakota at the Tesoro oil pipeline. Then the leak amounted to 20 thousand barrels of oil.

In April, experts confirmed the death of about 900 animals as a result of an oil spill in Peru. Oil products spilled while unloading a tanker in the Ventanilla region, located north of Lima. More than 10 thousand barrels of hydrocarbons got into the water.

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