Two dry cargo ships with food received permission to leave the Ukrainian port

The Joint Coordinating Center approved the departure of two dry cargo ships with food from the port of Chernomorsk on 20 August. This was reported to the SCC.

According to the center, the Zumrut ANA ship will carry 6.3 thousand tons of sunflower oil to Venice. The second bulk carrier OCEAN S will deliver 25,000 tons of wheat to Marmara in Turkey.

The Joint Coordinating Center (JCC) has authorized the exit of two vessels carrying a total of 31,000 tons of food from Ukraine as part of the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

One of these days, another ship Thoe, carrying sunflower seeds, reached the coast of Turkey. The dry cargo ship sailed from the Ukrainian port in Chernomorsk. In total, the ship delivered 2.9 tons of food.


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