Turkish Kuzey will build a dock for nuclear icebreakers for Rosatom

FSUE Atomflot, subordinate to Rosatom, signed a contract with Turkey’s Kuzey Star Shipyard on June 7 to build a floating dock for nuclear icebreakers, the company said. The construction price, according to the contract, will amount to 4.981 billion rubles. (with the maximum contract price of 4.983 billion rubles), the money is allocated by Atomflot. The final protocol of summing up the procurement results was published at the end of May. The dock should be built in 29 months. It is designed to carry out dock repairs of nuclear icebreakers, including the new series “Arktika” of project 22220, and nuclear-technological support vessels.

The signing of the contract is an important step in the implementation of the coastal infrastructure preparation program for servicing the universal nuclear icebreakers of Project 22220, noted Atomflot CEO Mustafa Kashka. The Turkish shipyard has the necessary competencies and has a solid reputation in the shipbuilding market, he added. Kuzey is currently completing the construction of two LNG ferries for the Ust-Luga-Baltiysk line.

For almost a year Atomflot tried to play this contract. It was assumed that the contract with Kuzey would be signed in April, but one of the participants – the Chinese Jiangsu Dajin Heavy Industry Co. – complained to the FAS about the excessive demands of the tender. As a result, Rosatom had to re-announce the collection of applications, but following a request for additional information, the Chinese were unable to confirm either the necessary experience or the availability of the required capacities and qualified personnel.

Anastasia Vedeneeva

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