Trust Machines Launches Leather Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin wallet: what are there and which one to choose in 2022?
Bitcoin wallet: what are there and which one to choose in 2022?

Web3 project based on the network of the first cryptocurrency Trust Machines announced the launch of its flagship wallet Leather after the acquisition and rebranding of Hiro Wallet.

According to the developers, the initiative aims to create a bridge between the bitcoin blockchain and second-tier solutions. The application already supports the functionality of most L2 networks, including Ordinals and Lightning Network.

“In order to bring bitcoin to a billion users, we need to make it simple and intuitive. Ensuring trust and security through decentralization is a key driver of our wallet,” added CEO and co-founder Munib Ali.

Leather is integrated with the NFT marketplace Gamma, decentralized exchanges ALEX and Velar, as well as dapps Magic Eden, Rare Stamp,, UniSat, On Chain Monkeys and others.

Prior to the rebrand, Hiro Wallet had over 375,000 installs and over 100,000 monthly active users.

In February 2022, Trust Machines, founded by Blockstack founder Munib Ali and Princeton University computer science professor J.P. Singh, raised $150 million.

The goal of the project is to create the largest ecosystem based on Bitcoin and its blockchain. The platform is based on Stacks technologies from Blockstack, which develops smart contract layers for the network of the first cryptocurrency.

Recall that in August 2023, the Wallet Telegram bot team based on The Open Network announced the launch of a beta version of the TON Space non-custodial wallet.

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