Trump will punish China

For Chinese companies, stricter rules for placing securities on US exchanges will apply. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, sent the relevant instructions to the experts of the Ministry of Finance, who must develop new requirements within two months, informs with reference to Reuters.

The new rules will be operated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as the public audit regulator. Specialists of the above-mentioned organizations will be able to take a tougher approach to communicating with representatives of companies that refuse an internal audit. Journalists call the measures “a way of punishing China.”

US President Donald Trump in a recent speech drew attention to the fact that for several decades, Chinese companies have successfully used American exchanges to earn huge sums. At the same time, the American leader added, the Chinese “didn’t play by the rules” because they did not comply with the requirements for protecting investors, unlike American companies.

Earlier, as Rambler reported, it became known that a new electronic currency is being developed in China – the “digital yuan”, which in the future could squeeze the US dollar on the currency transfer market.

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source: rambler

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