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Trump called the US a historically humiliated country on its knees

The United States endures one historical humiliation after another and, on its knees, demolishes them, while basic rights and freedoms are violated in their historical homeland, former US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday, July 26, at the America First Policy Institute forum in Washington.

Speaking at the forum, he recalled that during his leadership of the country, it was a leader in the energy sector, gasoline prices and inflation were acceptable, and the United States was respected in the international arena.

Now, according to Trump, the United States is flooded with migrants due to loose borders, energy has to be asked from other countries, inflation and gasoline prices are going through the roof. There is no need to think about the American dream – there is nothing left of it.

“If this economic policy of socialism, this attack on civilization, is not reversed, there will be no country left! She’s already been brought to her knees. Who would have thought that this would happen!” – said the former head of the White House.

“The country is going to hell,” Trump once again said.

Donald Trump has been talking about the “hellish” prospects for the United States under President Joe Biden for a long time. In March, he noted that, as a result of Biden’s destructive policies, the country is going to hell.

Then, in March, at a rally of supporters in the city of Commerce, Georgia, Trump reproached the current White House administration for the situation around Ukraine and called the current leader of the country, Joe Biden, “the killer of the American dream.”

On July 23, Republican Trump, during a speech in Florida at a student conference, again pricked his opponent in the White House, reproaching Biden for turning the United States into a poor country. He noted that Biden managed to create such changes with the country in just two years.

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