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Russians’ spending on organized vacations increased this summer: the average bill for booking tours in Russia and abroad increased by a third. The rise in the cost of travel is due to the fall of the ruble and limited international air traffic amid high demand. Further dynamics of the cost of recreation in Russia and abroad, experts say, entirely depends on the resumption of flights to Turkish and Egyptian resorts.

The average bill for booking an organized tour in Russia for this summer reached 64.2 thousand rubles, an increase of 36% year-on-year, according to a study by Travelata.ru. Tours abroad have risen in price by 39%, to 121.5 thousand rubles. Analysts attribute the rise in prices to the weakening of the ruble and the limited number of available foreign destinations. An additional role was played by the effect of the low base of the summer of 2020: relative to the pre-crisis 2019, the average check for buying a tour in Russia increased by only 3.3%, abroad – by 14%, according to Trevelata.ru. But there are other estimates: according to Level.travel, domestic holidays this year cost 67 thousand rubles, which is 31% more expensive than in the summer of 2019.

According to Travelata.ru, the Russian Federation accounts for 51% of booked tours for the summer, which is comparable to 2020. But relative to the pre-crisis values, the indicator has grown significantly: in 2019, according to Level.travel, domestic resorts formed only 9% of sales. According to the calculations of the Alean tour operator, 49% of organized tourists traveling around the country will receive the Krasnodar Territory in the summer, 20.9% – Crimea, and 12.7% – Kavminvody. The average check for an organized tour in Sochi for August is 38.3 thousand rubles, which is 6% less than in 2019. Anapa and Gelendzhik, on the contrary, showed an increase of 6% (up to 53.2 thousand rubles) and 5% (up to 49.6 thousand rubles), respectively.

Zarina Doguzova, Head of Federal Tourism Agency on pricing in May 2021,

We periodically record the facts of unfair behavior of some market participants

The head of Alean, Ilya Umansky, says that the reduction in the cost of air travel against the background of an excess of aircraft and subsidies for flights to domestic resorts will compensate for the rise in prices in hotels.

The share of Turkey in the structure of demand for organized tourists, according to Travelata.ru estimates, due to the restriction of air traffic until June 21, has eroded from 47% to 26% over the year. Now the statistics show mainly tours with departures in July-August, which tour operators have not yet canceled. It is expected that Russians are in demand for holidays in Abkhazia, where tours were booked by 6% versus 2% a year earlier. Among other available foreign destinations, Cyprus is leading with a share of 4% and Tunisia – 3%. Egypt, Greece, Cuba and the United Arab Emirates each form 2% of sales. Level.travel adds that the share of Mexico and the Maldives is 1% each.

Trips to foreign resorts are more expensive than domestic vacations. According to Travelata.ru, the average check for booking a tour to Turkey is 119.5 thousand rubles, which is 36% higher year-on-year. For Cyprus, compared to the summer of 2019, the indicator increased by 34%, to 147 thousand rubles, Tunisia – by 23%, to 119 thousand rubles. Rest in Abkhazia has risen in price by 22%, to 54 thousand rubles. But price fluctuations in less popular destinations among the mass tourist turned out to be not so significant. Thus, the average check for a trip to the Maldives in the summer, according to Level.travel, is 285.2 thousand rubles, which is 17% higher than the value of two years ago. Expenses for Cuba for the same period increased by 11%, to 193.2 thousand rubles.

Igor Blinov, a representative of the National Network of Travel Agencies, is sure that summer vacations abroad for Russians as a whole have risen in price by an average of 60-70%.

At the same time, the representative of Intourist, Daria Domostroeva, notes that overseas vacations are being actively booked, citing the UAE as an example. Travelers focused on budget vacations, she said, make a choice in favor of Russian resorts. The general director of the tour operator “Dolphin” Sergei Romashkin predicts that due to this this year the resorts of the Crimea and Krasnodar Territory will be able to additionally attract 3-4 million people.

According to him, the pricing for accommodation in Russian hotels will depend on the opening of Turkey: if some Russians go there, the cost of living in Russian resorts will decrease. A similar forecast is formulated by Travelata.ru CEO Stanislav Satsuk, adding to it the prospect of resuming charter flights to Egypt.

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