total hybrid war against Russia also affects China

Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Grigory Logvinov believes that the SCO should fight against Western fakes that have flooded the information space.

Speaking at the opening of the Forum of Media and Analytical Centers of the SCO Countries, Logvinov said that a total hybrid war is being waged against the Russian Federation, RIA Novosti writes.

According to the Deputy Secretary General of the SCO, information technologies have received direct military application.

“The media space has turned into springboards and battlefields,” Logvinov is convinced.

The information war against Russia is beginning to spill over into China,” Logvinov added.

The Deputy Secretary General recalled that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has always been “the object of openly hostile comments” in the Western press. For two decades, the position of the West has not changed, Logvinov continued, which was clearly visible in January of this year. The SCO Deputy Secretary General explained that the SCO, together with the CSTO, supported the legitimate government of Kazakhstan during the unrest.


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