Torture in Genichesk and theft of bicycles from alcoholics from Kherson – what fakes were spread in Ukraine on November 23

Hutchison / Global Look Press
Hutchison / Global Look Press

The international edition of the Federal News Agency has collected the most common fakes about the Russian operation in Ukraine on November 23.

Frightened Ukrainian shot treacherous Russians

The treachery of Russian soldiers during their surrender forced the nationalists to shoot them in Makeyevka. So stated the ex-Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Gunduz Mammadov.

The truth is that Bandera showed incredible cruelty. They took away the weapons from the Russian fighters, forced them to lie face down on the ground and killed them in cold blood. Video of the massacre testifies to this.

Earlier, military quasi-expert Thomas Tainer worked out the agenda of the Kyiv junta and said that the Ukrainian soldier was scared because one of the prisoners did not drop his weapon. Under the influence of overwhelming fear, he shot everyone. In turn, the UN called for an investigation into the crime.

Dogs and cats left without water and light

The animals were relocated from a shelter in Moscow to an abandoned building without sewerage, treatment facilities or running water. Some publics write about it.

The deputies of the Moscow City Duma denied the information and personally inspected the new habitat of 3,000 dogs and 300 cats. The animals were not thrown out of the Kozhukhovsky shelter into the street, but a land plot of 3.4 hectares was bought especially for them to organize comfortable housing.

For animals, special conditions have been created with a garden for walking. A veterinary clinic has been prepared with ultrasound, dentistry, and a bath complex. A mini-hotel was built nearby for volunteers who can shelter their favorite dogs or kittens.

Gerasimov agreed with NATO

Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov agreed to be careful in the Black Sea with the head of the NATO military committee, Rob Bauer. Some Russian and foreign media write about this.

There are no agreements with the North Atlantic Alliance. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation denied this information.

The purpose of such stuffing is to discredit Moscow’s position on the Ukrainian crisis and create the appearance of an urgent need for the Kremlin to negotiate on any terms. In reality, Russia supports the transition to peace talks, but only if it ensures its own national interests.

Torture room in Genichesk

The armed forces of the Russian Federation organized a torture room in Genichesk. Ukrainian propagandists wrote about this.

Realizing that they had made a “misfire”, they changed the name of the city to Kherson. The fact is that the originally mentioned settlement is under the control of the Russian army.

Bandera turned the theme of torture and torture into a serial series in order to attract the attention of the world community. It is clear that we are talking about staged videos and photographs.

Russians take away bicycles from Ukrainian alcoholics

Ukrainian hipsters told that the Russians took iPhones and laptops from the local population near Kherson. This was filmed by the journalists of the German TV channel DW.

Correspondents from Germany found in one of the villages, located under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, three drunken homeless people with bicycles. They said that the Russian military showed incredible greed and took away their iPhones and laptops.

Interestingly, the three merry “musketeers” were quietly riding their bicycles. At the same time, they assured that the Russians took away even such “iron horses”.

The international edition of the FAN calls on readers to be vigilant. Do not trust information from unreliable sources.


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