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In June, Apple held a conference for developers WWDC 2023. The main event of the event was the presentation of the Vision Pro augmented reality headset.

According to KuCoin, the new product reflects Apple’s desire to rethink the interaction with digital content, and its release will contribute to the influx of users into cryptocurrency projects at the intersection of blockchain and AR / VR technologies.

Together with trading platform analysts, we talk about the history of virtual and augmented reality, technology prospects and AR/VR tokens worth investing in in 2023.

History and Perspectives of Mixed Reality

Augmented reality (AR) overlays digital graphics on the real world, while virtual reality (VR) creates a separate environment for interaction with users.

The first VR devices were released by Magic Leap and Oculus VR (now owned by Meta) in the early 2010s. They were intended for visualization of 3D projects and the gaming industry.

It seemed that in the coming years, a virtual reality helmet would become as familiar a gadget as a smartphone. However, a decade later, we still haven’t seen the VR revolution.

About five years ago, technology companies became interested in the market. Meta Quest 2 devices, Microsoft HoloLens and Valve Index devices appeared on sale.

According to Statista, there are currently 98 million and 23 million VR and AR users, respectively. The service predicts that by 2027 the number of market participants will exceed 200 million.

Vision Crypto: Top 7 AR/VR Projects According to KuCoin
By 2027, the AR/VR market will increase by almost 50%. Data: Statista.

Mixed reality technologies are already applied in several areas:

  • gaming – provide a unique experience with full immersion in the game world;
  • education – increase student engagement by allowing them to visualize complex concepts and historical events, conduct scientific experiments and participate in interactive simulations;
  • healthcare – accelerate the training of medical workers and the rehabilitation of patients;
  • crypto payments – make transactions in the metaverse more secure through biometric authentication through facial recognition or iris scanning.

With the increasing availability of AR/VR devices, more people will be able to travel across the metaverse and attend events, regardless of physical location.

Seven promising projects at the intersection of blockchain and AR/VR

The KuCoin team has selected several mixed reality cryptocurrency projects that may be of interest to investors.

1. Decentraland is a decentralized VR platform based on the Ethereum blockchain with a virtual NFT land (LAND) marketplace.

MANA is a token for buying parts of the virtual world and voting on the development of the project.

2.CEEK VR is a metaverse for virtual concerts, collaborating with Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga. The company is also developing the CEEK VR headset.

CEEK is a token for remuneration to content creators, access to exclusive materials and trading on the NFT marketplace based on BNB Chain.

3.Highstreet (formerly LumiereVR) is the developer of the Highstreet World metaverse. Users can travel to virtual islands and earn tokens for completing quests.

HIGH is a token for managing a project and trading game items on an NFT marketplace based on Ethereum and BNB Chain.

4 Victoria VR is a platform for creating realistic metaverses on the Unreal Engine.

VR is a token for transactions between users, staking, voting for changes in the project and trading in game items in The Big Market NFT marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain.

5.NetVRk — multi-chain metaverse of several virtual islands (Genesis Islands). Users can design virtual buildings, as well as create cars and other game items.

NetVRk is a token for NFT marketplace trading and staking.

6. Render Network — network of decentralized rendering on GPU.

RNDR is a token for the purchase of GPU computing power by digital content creators, including AR/VR projects.

7. Verasity ― an ecosystem that includes VeraEsports, an esports tournament platform, a marketplace for trading NFTs and in-game items, and a staking-enabled VeraWallet wallet.

VRA is a token for conducting transactions on VeraEsports and staking.


Large companies like Apple, Meta, and Microsoft are investing heavily in mixed reality technologies and experimenting with metaverses.

Cryptocurrency projects are also paying attention to the new market. They are increasingly creating virtual worlds and enhancing the user experience with AR/VR technologies.

According to KuCoin, the value of such projects will increase with the increasing availability of VR devices.

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