TOP 10 profitable business ideas for the self-employed in 2023

What the self-employed earn and in what niches to start in 2023, Sergey Sukhostavets, Operations Director of the Rocket Work technology platform, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta.


Rising prices for cars, their maintenance and parts have increased the demand for private car repair specialists. So you can provide services to motorists or rent a workplace in a car service.


The demand for self-employed tutors is traditionally high, especially in recent times. The prevalence of digital services for communication and videoconferencing makes this work even more convenient, blurring the boundaries between cities. So a good tutor can find customers in any region of Russia.


The departure of many foreign brands has freed up enough space in the clothing segment. And the demand for it at the turn of the seasons is always growing.

There are also opportunities for the self-employed: atelier services and individual tailoring or the production of their own clothes. At the same time, cooperation with the same self-employed will help to ensure a larger volume.

Furniture and household goods

Demand for this category of goods during a crisis usually sags, but will not disappear completely. So there will be sales. And with the departure of foreign companies, more space is freed up in the niche, including for private initiatives and manufactories.

Finance and jurisprudence

There is always a demand for the services of accountants, financial analysts and lawyers. Accounting services are consistently among the top most demanded outsourcing services.


In general, the demand for personnel in the IT industry is consistently high. And taking into account that it is simply more profitable for many companies to work with freelancers now, a stable flow of orders for digital specialists is guaranteed.

Courier services

Demand for couriers also continues to grow, there are more vacancies than job seekers. And where the demand is high, the fees also grow. Delivery services are primarily of interest to companies. And their attention falls just on the self-employed, since it is easy to work with them. Legal and cheaper than hiring full-time employees.


Transportation has recently become one of the most popular and demanded activities of the self-employed. And this trend will continue next year.

At the same time, taxi drivers with their own cars are also in demand, who can provide services to both individuals and fleets.

beauty sphere

For the self-employed, there are a lot of opportunities here. Hairdressing services, manicure – this is something without which it is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person. At the same time, the crisis certainly reduces consumer activity for services that are not essential. But for the services of private masters, who can compete in price with salons, the demand will remain ironclad.


Traditionally, cleaning services are one of the most popular destinations among the self-employed. At the same time, you can count here not only on private orders, but also on orders from companies.

Competition in the industry is still not very high, especially in the regions, and the entry threshold is very low. No special skills or special equipment are needed to start.

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