Titov denied early resignation from the post of business ombudsman

Boris Titov, ombudsman under the President of Russia for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, said that the information about his early resignation from his post does not correspond to reality. He intends to hold office until 2022.

Earlier, the newspaper Vedomosti, citing sources, reported that Mr. Titov intends to focus on the election campaign of the Party of Growth, of which he is chairman, before the September elections to the State Duma. He allegedly can leave office in June-July.

“My powers will expire in June 2022,” wrote Boris Titov on Facebook. “Until this moment, I remain in office. The appointment of a commissioner is clearly spelled out in the law, you can see it. This is the president’s decision based on the recommendations of the business community. There really is no intrigue in this ”.

Boris Titov was appointed to the post of the President’s Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in June 2012. In June 2017, Mr. Titov was reappointed for a second term. As a business ombudsman, he was remembered for a number of initiatives to protect the rights of entrepreneurs, the main one of which was the 2013 amnesty for entrepreneurs, under which 2,466 people fell. The Growth Party nominated Mr. Titov as a candidate for the 2018 presidential elections. He took sixth place on them with 0.76% of the vote.