They wanted to squeeze out Russian gasoline from a European country

The Bulgarian authorities wanted to supplant Russian gasoline and create a national oil company. This was announced by the Minister of Economy of the European country Emil Caranikolov, quoted by SeeNews.

On June 5, the Bulgarian parliament passed amendments to the law on fuel reserves, allowing the creation of a national oil company, which will control a network of gas stations.

“It all comes down to customs warehouses. Thanks to them, independent gasoline sellers will have the opportunity to enter the country, and as a result, we will have more gas stations, ”said Karanikolov.

In this case, other companies, including foreign ones, will also get access to customs warehouses. The main function of the new structure will be the purchase of oil and petroleum products to replenish reserves.

Currently, one of the leaders in the Bulgarian gas station market is the Russian private oil company Lukoil. She also owns the Burgas Petrochemical Plant and a photovoltaic station in the vicinity of Burgas.

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