They want to transform Russian Post into a holding of more than ten subsidiaries

Russian Post intends to change the management format to a holding one, said the general director of the company Maxim Akimov. According to him, the company will have more than 10 subsidiaries. An updated strategy of Russian Post until 2030 with such an initiative is under consideration by the board of directors.

Mr. Akimov noted that Poste Italiane, Deutsche Post DHL, Singapore Post operate according to the holding model. “And it is quite understandable why rational human thought in other parts of the world came to this: it is impossible to control such a huge body in the form of a monolith. The rigid structure crumbles under any shock, ”said the head of RBC.

Maxim Akimov believes that the holding model will allow subsidiaries to obtain partners, raise funds on their own, quickly create products, test hypotheses and bring them to the market. The company already includes Pochta-Bank, a joint venture with VTB National Logistic Technologies and a developer of digital services, PochtaTech, among its subsidiaries. In the near future, it is planned to create a company for the development of retail.

The head of Russian Post believes that the company needs to attract private capital, “certainly leaving control on the part of the state.” “That is, to have another side for the dialogue, which would slightly tweak the brain of the management, would give the correct guidelines for operational efficiency and optimization work inside,” added Mr. Akimov. He noted that so far there is no discussion of this topic with the authorities.

According to Kommersant’s information, Russian Post may become the operator for distributing subsidies to Russian exporters selling goods online. The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to allocate 1.5 billion rubles for this. in the next three years. Market participants themselves suggested choosing Russian Post as an operator, who call this mechanism the most effective.

More details – in the material of “Kommersant” “Subsidies will be sent by registered”.