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“They threw grenades at the basement”: a resident of Severodonetsk told how the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a residential building

Sergii Kharchenko/ZUMAPRESS.com/globallookpress
Sergii Kharchenko/ZUMAPRESS.com/globallookpress

The Ukrainian military destroyed an apartment building in Severodonetsk. Witness Andrey Bessmertnykh stressed that the AFU fired for no reason, RIA Novosti reported.

The city dweller explained that his family could not leave Severodonetsk because his paralyzed mother remained there.

The family had to hide in the basement of a five-story building. Through the fault of Ukrainian nationalists, the man received a shrapnel wound in the leg during an attack on the house.

“Our house was completely burned down. They threw grenades into the basement. First, they threw them on the floors, set fire to the apartments. The house has completely collapsed,” the resident said.

He added that phosphorus shells were also used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to destroy the house.

Recall that a special operation of the Russian Federation continues in Ukraine. The key goal of the Russian military is the demilitarization of the Kyiv regime. The Russian Defense Ministry presented documents confirming that Kyiv was preparing for a military action against the Donbass.





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