They don’t like savings // Most Russians don’t save money

Up to half of Russians save less than 10% of their income for a rainy day, and every fourth makes no savings at all. Most often, accountants and financiers have funds for savings, less often – from working personnel.

Almost half (48%) of Russians save less than 10% of their income. Experts from the Russian online recruiting platform and the fintech company Dengi Vperyod came to this conclusion as a result of a survey of the population. It was attended by 2.2 thousand working residents of Russia.

Thus, a third of respondents (31%) reported that they save from 5% to 10% of income monthly, another 17% – less than 5%. 16% save 15% to 30% of their income, and every fourth respondent does not spend at all on savings. More than 50% of income can be transferred to savings for 4% of respondents, another 7% save from 30% to 50% of monthly income.

Most often, money is saved by accountants and financiers (81%) employed in the legal and construction sectors (78% each), as well as marketing and advertising specialists (77%).

Workers have the least opportunities for savings – only 6 out of 10 specialists save money, and 43% of them spend up to 10% of their monthly income on savings.

The majority of respondents (54%) save money without a specific purpose, just for a rainy day. About a third (36%) save up to buy an apartment or travel (32%), another 20% form passive income, which will provide them with funds after retirement (20%).

Anastasia Manuilova