There should be no increase in housing and communal services tariffs in the next year and a half

The indexation of housing and communal services tariffs will be carried out only in July 2024, so there should be no major changes in tariffs until that time, President Vladimir Putin said. He raised this topic at a meeting with the workers of the Tulazheldormash plant. Rising fares in public transport, he considers inevitable.

“From January 1 next year, we moved the next indexation to July 1, 2024. Thus, there should be no indexation for a year and a half. Since the fees for this indexation came a little earlier, in December, the funds appeared. And we very much hope that in the regions of the Russian Federation, these funds will be directed to the development of housing and communal services,” Mr. Putin said (quoted by TASS).

The President clarified that the cost of travel in public transport may increase. He claims that it is “an inevitable thing”. “Yes, of course, the cost of travel in urban transport is growing, maybe, and so on, but this is also, to a certain extent, an inevitable thing if we want to modernize transport,” Vladimir Putin is convinced.

Recently it became known that the Ministry of Construction proposed to include the costs of installing and maintaining smart water and heat meters in the housing and communal services tariffs. A gradual transition to smart meters is proposed to begin in 2025.

According to Kommersant, the Federal Antimonopoly Service opposed changes in the principles for calculating the payment. In some regions, this could lead to an increase in the total payment for housing and communal services above inflation.

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