Therapist Romasov spoke about the dangers of coffee abuse

A popular drink can give not only a charge of vivacity, but also harm health. Therapist Ivan Romasov spoke about the risks of coffee abuse.

According to the expert, the passion for this drink can lead to the development of psychosis. In addition, in the presence of psychological or behavioral diseases, the use of caffeine will exacerbate the severity of symptoms.

Romasov noted that even a “decaffeinated” drink can be harmful to health. 97% of the excitatory substance is removed from coffee, but another 3% remains.

“It turns out in connection with the processing of coffee with special chemicals (most often methylene chloride or ethyl acetate), which can be hazardous to health if ingested by a person,” the expert said in an interview with RT.

The therapist reminded that adults without harm to health are allowed to drink no more than four cups of coffee a day. The allowable dose for pregnant women and children is two cups.


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