Therapist called a way to avoid spontaneous decisions in a state of stress

People under stress need to evaluate their thoughts and emotions from the outside, as if experiencing another person. The psychotherapist of the SberHealth online medical service, Viktor Nurdaev, spoke about this on Wednesday, September 28.

The specialist also named a way to avoid spontaneous decisions at a critical moment.

According to the doctor, anxiety should alert the body systems that are responsible for survival, but this does not happen with everyone. Some people start to panic, try to run away from the problem, or make rash and spontaneous decisions.

“Anxiety at the level of fear and panic can confuse thinking, make thoughts chaotic and inconsistent,” Nurdaev said in an interview with Lenta.Ru.

According to the psychotherapist, in order to relieve psychological stress, you need to be aware of yourself in the present. This will help the analysis of bodily sensations. It is easier for someone to “scan” the body – from the tips of the toes to the tip of the nose. Others find it easier to feel the breath pass over the upper lip and beyond.

He noted that only after that thoughts will begin to clear up, and internal reasoning will become more orderly and nonjudgmental. Then the specialist recommended writing down key thoughts and giving them an objective assessment.

“Describe the objective evidence (for and against) of your confidence that everything will happen as you imagine. At the end, answer simple questions: what good is it for me to think in this way? What interpretation of events would be most productive? the psychotherapist commented.

All these exercises will protect against making rash decisions, Nurdaev concluded.

The day before, allergist-immunologist, nutritionist Antonina Savolyuk said that uncontrolled snacking is an attempt by the brain to escape from stress, but this way to distract from problems can lead to serious health problems. The doctor also told how to control the desire to seize stress and how to replace unhealthy snacks, writes Moscow 24.

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