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The wife of Nevzorov, who left Russia, condemned the behavior of the journalist Ovsyannikova

prt scryoutube.com/BILD in Russian
prt scryoutube.com/BILD in Russian

A post about the ex-editor of Channel One Marina Ovsyannikova appeared on the page of the wife of journalist Alexander Nevzorov * (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia) Lydia in social networks.

Ovsyannikova moved abroad after a scandalous stunt on the air. She appeared on TV screens with a provocative poster in her hands. This act delighted the Nevzorov family, but the current behavior of the editor influenced their opinion of her.

Lydia believes that after Ovsyannikova moved abroad, they “talked” to her so that she began to call for the easing of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

“I am sorry that Ovsyannikova is popular in the West and that Nevzorov stood up for her. I had to study the issue and show him … after all, I am responsible for preparing news in our family, ”wrote Nevzorova’s wife.

In Russia, Ovsyannikova left a son and a daughter, whom she could not take abroad. Now the ex-husband of the journalist plans to deprive her of parental rights.

  • * – an individual or organization recognized in the Russian Federation as foreign agents



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