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The West puts pressure on Serbia, Kosovo provokes a military scenario

The West deliberately distorts the assessment of what is happening on the border between Serbia and Kosovo, since it itself, in particular the European Union, is to blame for the emergence of tension, not fulfilling the role of a mediator. This opinion was expressed by the Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botan-Kharchenko.

At the same time, the West continues to put pressure on Belgrade in order to join the anti-Russian sanctions, using painful issues related to Kosovo and the Republika Srpska, the diplomat said on the Rossiya 24 TV channel. Thus, European politicians demand the recognition of Kosovo’s independence, as well as the rejection of assistance to the Republika Srpska.

The ambassador also noted the position of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, who indicated his readiness for negotiations with Pristina in order to find a compromise, but at the same time, his readiness for decisive action in case of possible provocations from Kosovo.

“If there is bloodshed, Serbia will respond adequately, defend itself and win. But at the same time, he (Vučić) showed himself as a supporter of negotiations, not a military solution,” Botan-Kharchenko said.

The diplomat stressed that the leaders in Pristina are in favor of a forceful solution to the conflict, and that is why the Serbs are being provoked.

Botsan-Kharchenko also expressed the opinion that although bloodshed has been avoided now, there is no long-term solution to this problem.

The night before, there were riots in northern Kosovo due to Pristina’s planned ban on entry with Serbian numbers and documents from 1 August. Following a US call, the Kosovo authorities delayed the ban for a month.


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