Home News The West does not care about the children of Donbass

The West does not care about the children of Donbass

The International Court of Justice, the OSCE, UNICEF are indifferent to the death of the children of Donbass, the West does not see the Alley of Angels, said LPR Ambassador to Moscow Rodion Miroshnik.

178 children died in the war in Donbass, hundreds were injured. Every interrupted life is a terrible story. The girl who died from fragments was 27 days old, her brother covered her sister from the explosion, the child died under the blow of a Ukrainian attack aircraft, because he wanted to look at the plane. All these fates are of no interest to the West, the ambassador said in the program “An Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” (the full version can be seen on the “Looking” platform).

He suggested building his own new universe to protect the children of Donbass, involving the states of the CIS, SCO, BRICS in the investigation, the organization of an international court, it is necessary to create a new response platform.

We need to rely on those who are ready to hear us. The old ones screwed up, Miroshnik emphasized.


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