The volume of spending of Russians in the shopping center of Moscow exceeded the figures at the end of March

The volume of purchases of Russians in shopping centers in Moscow in the first week of summer increased by 82% compared with the last week of March, preceding the introduction of restrictive measures against the background of coronavirus, the VTB press service said.

“In the first week of this summer, residents of Moscow resumed visiting large shopping centers open from June 1. The volume of purchases increased by 82% compared to the end of March, when many points in the shopping center reduced their work. Moreover, relative to the period before the pandemic – for example, the first week of February – the overall indicators of visitors’ spending are still lower by 51%, ”the report said.

The bank noted that in the first week of summer, the number of purchases by Russians in Moscow shopping centers is 53% higher than on the eve of the introduction of the self-isolation regime, but 64% lower than in the first week of February.

The average check in June increased by 11% compared with the first week of restrictions and by 25% compared with the figures at the beginning of February, exceeding 10.1 thousand rubles.

VTB also appreciated the restoration of outlets. According to the bank, the number of connected POS-terminals increased by 65% ​​compared to the end of March. At the same time, the activity of outlets is still 57% lower than in early February, the credit institution noted.

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