The United States trained Ukraine to identify cases of circumvention of sanctions through cryptocurrencies


From September 18 to 21, Ukrainian security forces completed the second stage of online training, dedicated to tracking cryptocurrencies to combat sanctions evasion.

The training was organized by the Criminal Investigations Division of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Financial Information and Investigation Service of the Netherlands, as well as His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs from the United Kingdom with the participation of analytical companies CipherTrace and BlockTrace.

As part of the program, about 40 Ukrainian law enforcement officers from the cyber police, BEB, SBU, NABU And GBR studied tools to detect fraudulent crypto transactions and money laundering.

After completing the training and passing the exam, participants received accreditation as Certified Cryptocurrency Tracing Examiners.

The IRS Criminal Investigation Division currently has 30 evasion investigations underway. Together with OFAC Work is underway to freeze the assets of those involved.

Let us recall that in May, the IRS and Chainalysis analysts announced cooperation with Ukraine to track evidence of Russians evading sanctions using cryptocurrencies.

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