The Uniswap team outlined the launch date for the fourth version of the protocol


The launch of Uniswap v4 is expected to take place within four months of the Dencun hard fork on the Ethereum blockchain. This follows from the message of Uniswap Foundation Secretary Erin Cohen.

The timeline depends on the successful deployment of the Cancun runtime update to the Ethereum mainnet and the implementation of EIP-1153 during this process. The Uniswap team expects the upgrade to take place no earlier than September.

After the activation of Cancun, the fourth version of the protocol will be “frozen” and will undergo a thorough audit. This is expected to take up to four months.

“The above schedule is purely indicative. It should be noted that the hard fork may be delayed, the audit process extended, and the protocol subject to other security checks that have not yet been discussed, ”Cohen emphasized.

The developers on June 13 published the preliminary code for Uniswap v4.

One of the main features of the v4 version of the decentralized exchange will be the use of “hooks” (hooks). These are plugins that allow you to implement completely new functions for liquidity pools, such as dynamically adjusting commissions or creating different types of orders.

The release also introduces a “flash accounting” system designed to reduce commission costs for liquidity providers. The mechanism is based on an on-chain storage solution that activates EIP-1153.

Recall that on April 1, Uniswap Labs lost exclusive commercial rights to the Uniswap v3 code due to the expiration of the BSL license.

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