The team revealed the details of the launch of the Base mainnet from Coinbase

coin base
coin base

The main Base network, the second-tier solutions of the Coinbase crypto exchange, will be launched after the activation of the Bedrock update in the testnet.

The Road to Mainnet document does not contain specific dates.

It lists five criteria required to launch a network.

  • successful activation of the Regolith hard fork on the testnet;
  • a positive outcome of the analysis of the infrastructure by the Optimism Labs team;
  • OP’s mainnet upgrade to Bedrock;
  • completion of checks with the absence of critical problems;
  • testnet stability

The first two criteria are met.

Bedrock will implement low fees, shorter deposit times and a number of other changes.

In Optimism, the update will take place on June 6th. Base does not have specific deadlines.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, a spokesperson for the project promised to provide a timeline for the implementation of these milestones “soon.”

After all procedures are completed, the so-called “genesis window” will be opened – project teams will be able to start deploying dapps in the core network. Coinbase will provide all the necessary support.

Separately, the developers recalled the lack of plans to issue a utility token.

In February 2023, Coinbase launched the Base testnet based on the OP Stack architecture. Base will interact with the company’s main products, including Coinbase Wallet.

Recall that in March 2023, the team revealed priority areas for the development of the Base ecosystem.

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