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the supply of a turbine for Nord Stream to Russia is not in danger

Germany continues to assert that there are no obstacles to the return of turbines for the Nord Stream gas pipeline to Russia. At the same time, the current location of the unit is not disclosed there.

“The turbine has been repaired, our Canadian partners have agreed on the delivery of the turbine, we are grateful for this. From our point of view, nothing prevents the delivery,” Christiane Hofmann, a spokeswoman for the German government, said today.

Meanwhile, on the eve of Gazprom said that it had received documents from the Canadian authorities on gas turbines from Siemens, but questions remain for the company, including on the sanctions of the European Union, Canada and Britain against Gazprom. The solution of these issues is important both for the return of the repaired turbine to Russia and for the urgent overhaul of other turbines, the Russian company explains.

At the same time, Siemens Energy claims that they provided the Russian side with all the necessary documents for the import of the unit into the Russian Federation, but Gazprom allegedly did not provide customs documents.

Nord Stream is the main route for Gazprom’s gas supplies to Europe. On July 21, it resumed operation after scheduled maintenance, but pumping continued at 40% of capacity. Gazprom explained the limitation by delays in returning gas pumping units from repair. The company also said that on July 27 they plan to reduce pumping to 20% of capacity, as another turbine needs repair.


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