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The stylist spoke about the most fashionable things for the fall of 2022

Russian stylist, image maker and designer of the brand Aesthetic Bows Milana Kubova listed on Tuesday, August 2, the most fashionable things for the fall of 2022.

According to the expert, low-rise trousers will be popular, the trend for which has returned from the zero. At the same time, the silhouettes of the 1980s with voluminous shoulders, characteristic of the fashion of this era, become relevant.

“Choose laconic dresses from flowing fabrics, jackets with a straight or semi-fitted cut,” Lenta.Ru quotes a specialist.

The designer also noted that floor-length skirts are replacing mini-length models that are less practical for cold weather.

“This is a universal find: they are comfortable both in summer and in autumn or winter. They look equally stylish with knitted tops and knitted cardigans,” said Kubova.

The stylist said that this fall, you should wear bright prints and colors, for example, a shade of fuchsia, which looks organic both in monochrome images and in combination with other shades – mint or scarlet. It can also be used as an accent in a calm range.

The image maker said that the skin will be a topical material this fall.

“However, with a caveat: no tight-fitting forms. If the dress is made of leather, then it is free, slightly voluminous. If the jacket is massive, with a large collar. If the trousers are wide and straight. Experiments with colors are not welcome, this season designers are for the classics: black, burgundy, coffee and chocolate, ”concluded Kubova.

On July 1, stylist, creator of the clothing brand Anastasia Barysheva told how to dress for work in the office in the heat. She noted that natural fabrics and light colors, combined with strict styles, will help to comply with a business dress code in hot weather.

Barysheva stressed that the heat is not a reason to give up trousers. She advised to pay attention to models made of natural fabrics, such as linen, because this material has high breathability and the ability to remove heat and moisture.

Earlier, on June 29, Russian designer Igor Gulyaev said that it was necessary to take advantage of the withdrawal of a number of brands from the market and develop Russian clothing production.

“Colleagues and friends, regardless of whether brands return, we must give an opportunity to develop our light industry. We must give the opportunity to grow our brands, we have a huge number of talented people in the country, let’s unite, let’s make collaborations, let’s make a beautiful fashion story. We have a decent quality, we sew decent clothes on our territory, ”NSN quotes him.

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