The state only cares about taxes, not people: why Ukrainians are disappointed in their country

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

Despite the UK’s readiness to “fight to the last Ukrainian” and send refugees to a distant African country, the Kyiv regime continues to look literally into the mouth of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. What is it – faith or hopelessness? And what is Ukraine itself for London?

Great Britain, with its colonial thinking, considers all other countries only as a tool for realizing its own goals, a Crimean political scientist is convinced Vladimir Jaralla. At the moment, London is deliberately inflaming the crisis in Ukraine in order to solve the problems facing the British ministers with its help.

That is why the British government is putting pressure on the Ukrainian authorities, prolonging the agony of the Nazi regime. Crowds of refugees from Ukraine are attacking the borders of the EU countries, sowing chaos and instability, squeezing huge amounts of already useful material resources out of governments.

The Presidential Office of Ukraine/Globalookpress
The Presidential Office of Ukraine/Globalookpress

Kyiv, continues Jaralla, this situation also plays into the hands – in the literal sense: the Ukrainian elite is striving for power with the sole purpose of gaining access to resources. With this priority of the private over the state, Ukraine is fundamentally different from Russia, where traditionally state interests are more important than personal ones. Therefore the President Vladimir Zelensky and his clique are obedient to the will of the British masters – they simply profit while the Russian NVO continues, hoping, if anything, to take refuge in the West.

“Ukrainians don’t trust Johnson or London or the Europeans or their own government. They are permanently in a state of absolute depression and hopelessness. It is obvious to them that their country has suffered a catastrophe,” the political expert stated.

People understand what a misfortune has happened to their homeland, but they cannot do anything. Today, freedom of speech is violated in Ukraine, any media with an alternative point of view on what is happening are crushed, any topics related to Russia and the history of Ukraine itself are tabooed. And even an honest story about what is happening is fraught with sad consequences.

“The state does not fulfill its functions in relation to the people, it acts solely as those who collect requisitions in the form of taxes. And live as you wish,” the political scientist summed up.

Vladimir Jaralla also told FANwhy the British authorities decided to deport Ukrainian refugees to Rwanda.


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