The State Duma Committee supported a new damper mechanism to reduce gasoline prices

The State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes recommended that the lower house of parliament adopt in the first reading a bill on adjusting the damping mechanism to stabilize gasoline prices. The document was developed by the government. The State Duma is expected to consider it tomorrow, May 25.

According to the updated damper mechanism, gasoline prices will be phased down until 2023, and then will begin to be indexed by 3%. The conventional price of gasoline in the formula by the end of this year will be 52,300 rubles. per ton, in 2022 it will be equal to 55,200 rubles. per ton, in 2023 – 56,900 rubles, in 2024 – 58,650 rubles. Diesel this year will cost 50,700 rubles. per ton, in 2022 – 52 250 rubles. per ton, in 2023 – 53,850 rubles, in 2024 – 55,500 rubles.

The corrected damper mechanism in the oil industry in Russia began working on May 1. The issue of damper adjustment arose after the increase in fuel prices at the beginning of the year. As a result, in March the government decided to lower the indicative price (it is set as a constant and has nothing to do with the real dynamics of wholesale prices. “B”), thereby increasing the amount of payments to oil companies.

On the rise in gasoline prices – in the material of “Kommersant” “Gasoline spilled over the holidays.”

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