The State Duma adopted in the third reading a law specifying the procedure for the annual review of the size of maternity capital. Now the capital is indexed according to the forecasted inflation. Now maternal capital will be indexed according to actual inflation. “The size of maternal (family) capital is revised annually from February 1 of this year based on the consumer price growth index for the previous year in accordance with the indexation coefficient determined by the government of the Russian Federation,” the text of the law says. in Russia since 2007 at the birth of the second child, and since 2020 at the birth of the first. Now its size is 484 thousand rubles. for the first and 639 thousand rubles. for the second child. Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that by 2024 the amount of this allowance for the first child will grow to 544,301 rubles. In addition, the law is aimed at protecting the pension savings of citizens. The law proposes, in the event that the court recognizes the contract on compulsory pension insurance invalid, to oblige the insurers ….