The star of the series “Two Fates” Matrosov divorces his wife with a scandal

Shot from the film “Blind Turn”

Theater and film actor Denis Matrosov could not save his marriage to his young wife Olga. He scandalously divorces his beloved.

Recently it became known that Matrosov’s marriage is bursting at the seams. The spouses failed to overcome the crisis, so the actor’s wife filed for divorce in mid-October.

The conversation between the representatives of the spouses took place on November 14. The topics of the meeting were, in particular, alimony and Matrosov’s communication with the heir, writes StarHit.

The next meeting on the dissolution of the marriage will be held on December 9, on the eve of the birthday of the star of the series “Two Fates”. The hearing will take place in the Gagarinsky District Court.


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