The shipping company will be established by the Russian and Venezuelan Chambers of Commerce.

Frolenko: The Chamber of Commerce of Russia and Venezuela plans to create a shipping company by summer.

The Russian-Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce plans to create its own shipping company to solve problems with logistics, it can start work in early summer, Roman Frolenko, head of the organization, told RIA Novosti.

“Our country has been working in this direction since 2011. It so happened that the vice-president of the Russian-Venezuelan chamber participated in the intergovernmental commission in this direction, to build a logistics chain, to create two hubs. One hub in the Russian Federation, the other in Venezuela. Venezuela is for us the entrance to Latin America. And the Russian-Venezuelan chamber is ready to continue this process today, it is very interesting and important, financing will be both at the expense of private investors and, perhaps, at the expense of state structures. Venezuela is very ready and waiting so that we can start work. I think that by the beginning of summer, we will be able to celebrate,” he said in an interview with the agency.


The company will primarily solve logistical issues and problems with the supply of Russian exports, Frolenko said.

“Now Latin America is interested in our grain, in our sunflower oil and in the supply of agricultural equipment, since Latin America is an agrarian country, the main emphasis is on agriculture. Imports are fish, seafood, fruits. I think that this process is important for our country and for our friends. We can export as well as import. That is, today there is no need to attract any unfriendly countries, because there are a lot of friendly ones in Latin America, but the very first one, and today it goes in all directions, – is Venezuela. It will be like an operations center,” he said.

Now the Chamber of Commerce is considering several options for locating this company, Frolenko noted. “This could be Sevastopol, St. Petersburg or Novorossiysk. So far, we are coordinating these actions with our senior partners and are guided by the current political situation,” he stressed.

Speaking about the construction of ships, Frolenko noted that at the initial stage, the chamber relies on the support of partners, and in the future a shipbuilding company of the Russian Federation may join this.

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