The French research organization World Inequality Lab, which studies inequality in the world, published the World Inequality Report 2022, which says that the pandemic has significantly increased wealth inequality. It is noted that approximately 2,750 billionaires control 3.5% of the state of the entire world, while in 1995 this share was only 1%. During the pandemic, global wealth inequality rose at a record pace, according to the study. Researchers estimate that the combined wealth of the poorest half of humanity is equal to only 2% of the wealth of the world’s richest people. Income inequality is greatest in the regions of the Middle East and North Africa, where the richest 10% of the population own almost 60% of the total income of the population of the entire region. Sub-Saharan Africa (57%) is in second place, followed by Latin America (55%) and South and Southeast Asia (53%). In Russia and the countries of Central Asia, 10% of the richest citizens own 48% of total income ….