The servicemen told and showed work on the targets of the Msta-S gun mounts

The crew of self-propelled artillery mounts (ACS) “Msta-S” of the Southern Military District (SMD) is working on the targets of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) in the zone of a special military operation. Every day, artillerymen inflict defeat on enemy manpower and equipment from different firing lines, using the tactics of “wandering guns,” the Ministry of Defense said on January 29.

“We are hitting fortified areas, artillery. We carry out both counter-battery combat and planned targets. The intensity is maximum. On the day we shoot almost full sides, that is, 46 pieces of ammunition fly away from exactly one machine. Well, we are constantly trying to change places, because the counter-battery does not sleep with the enemy, ”said a serviceman of the RF Armed Forces

His colleague, a serviceman of the Russian Armed Forces with the call sign Dvina, added that among the targets could be infantry, sheltered infantry, artillery pieces, multiple launch rocket systems, enemy personnel, some command posts, ammunition depots.

“And there may also be targeted targets – intersections where you can quickly aim and work out, since you know the enemy’s stops at them,” Dvina specified.

The Ministry of Defense recalled that forward spotters and UAV operators transmit the coordinates of the target, after which the calculation of the self-propelled guns inflicts fire damage. The well-coordinated and effective actions of the gunners of the Southern Military District prevent the transfer of enemy reserves and support the offensive operations of the ground forces in all directions.

On January 27, fighters of the Russian Armed Forces told Izvestia correspondent Valentin Trushnin how crews of the Tyulpan mortar gun and Msta-B howitzer were working on positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donetsk direction. The guns strike at Ukrainian positions in the areas of Maryinka and Krasnogorovka.

On January 20, Izvestia correspondent Oleksandr Safiulin demonstrated how Russian artillerymen inflict powerful strikes from D-20 howitzers on the infantry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Maryinka.

The special operation to protect Donbass, which Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on February 24, 2022, continues. The decision was made against the background of the aggravation of the situation in the region due to shelling by the Ukrainian military.

For more up-to-date videos and details about the situation in Donbass, watch the Izvestia TV channel.

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