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The Security Council pointed to the growth of military threats to Russia from NATO

The North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) is stepping up efforts to create direct military threats to the Russian Federation. This was announced on Tuesday, July 26, by the press service of the Security Council of Russia following a meeting of the section on global problems and international security.

“Experts from the Russian Security Council noted the build-up of NATO efforts aimed at creating direct military threats to Russia. In their opinion, the Madrid Summit (held in June – Ed.) again demonstrated that the North Atlantic Alliance remains a mechanism for imposing US interests on the collective West, ”the message says.

In addition, the Security Council of the Russian Federation stressed that despite the statements of the NATO leadership, the bloc’s activities do not contribute to ensuring international stability, as well as strengthening the security of the alliance member states.

On July 5, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev said that NATO’s decision to declare Russia an enemy is leading to an escalation of tension and destabilization of security in Europe. Patrushev specified that the West did not take into account Russia’s attempts to conduct a constructive dialogue on issues of strategic stability, and also ignored Moscow’s demands for security guarantees.

On June 29, the North Atlantic Alliance, in its new strategic concept, designated Russia as “the most significant and direct security threat” to NATO. The main event of the three-day NATO summit in Madrid was the approval of the Strategic Concept until 2030.

The next day, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that NATO is a systemic challenge to world peace and stability. According to him, the alliance claims to be a defensive organization, but in fact continues to spread its influence to new regions, unleashing wars everywhere.

At the same time, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that NATO countries do not plan to enter into a military conflict with Russia. At the same time, he announced the alliance’s intention to “increase its deterrence capacity.”

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