The repertoire of Russian online cinemas has decreased since the beginning of the year

The variety of films and series in 2022 in Russian online cinemas has slightly decreased, experts from the TelecomDaily agency said.

Earlier, some films of Western production disappeared from film libraries – they were replaced by films from South Korea, India and China. According to the director of TelecomDaily Danis Kuskov, films from these countries cannot give the Russian audience what they want. Such tapes are too far from the Russian mentality. So, in 2023 we should expect a breakthrough in the segment of domestic cinema.

“So far, originals is what can distinguish online cinemas from each other with a scarce repertoire. Companies are trying to attract viewers by launching content in various segments: comedies, detective stories, etc.

Note that online cinemas did not disclose exact data on the reduction of the American repertoire and the increase in interest in Russian cinema. Nevertheless, the audience’s interest in domestic cinema has increased markedly.


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