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The psychologist listed the ways to peacefully resolve any conflict situation

Conflicts can occur in any area and even between very close people. On August 3, Denis Khakimov, a specialist of the Moscow Psychological Assistance Service, spoke about ways to overcome any difficult situation in an interview with Vechernyaya Moskva.

The psychologist noted that the key points in resolving any conflict are to create a working environment in dialogue and make equal opportunities for opposite parties. Only in this way will the conflicting parties be able to achieve cooperation in solving the problem and achieve a mutually beneficial solution.

Khakimov also added that honesty is one of the most important conditions for resolving the conflict, since any evasions and lies will be revealed, and then it will be even more difficult to reach a consensus on any issue.

The specialist also warned against blaming the opponent, since in this situation he is very likely to close and hold a grudge against you. First of all, you need to decide what to do in such a situation, and then decide who is to blame for it.

The psychologist also reminded that the conflict can be resolved only with a cool head and without turning to emotions.

“It’s hard to hold back when someone devalues ​​what you hold dear. The exit of the simmering will kindle mutual hostility and can lead to the fact that the parties forget what the essence of the conflict is. A rational view is always better than shouting and getting personal. Cool your head and do not react to such attacks, ”he pointed out.

Khakimov also added that not every conflict can be resolved, and this should be taken as an inevitable reality. This can happen when diametrically opposed worldviews collide. In this case, you just have to speak out and try to convey your point of view as calmly as possible. The rest already depends on the opposite side.

Earlier, on June 30, psychologist Elina Paredes talked about how to reconcile an older and younger child. She emphasized that a parent should not take the side of one of them. According to the expert, the relationship between brothers and sisters is just as important as the relationship between children and parents, in this regard, an adult must remain neutral during the reconciliation of children, accept the fact of a quarrel and the fact that for children this is a real serious conflict, even if speech is about something insignificant, in the opinion of an adult.

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