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The psychologist called suitable fairy tales for preschoolers

Fairy tales for a child must be chosen according to age and explain the meaning of what they read. This was announced on Friday, July 29, by Olga Salomatova, a psychologist and junior researcher at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Modern Childhood at the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.

So, for children under four years old, the psychologist recommended reading fairy tales with simple words and a simple plot, for example, “Ryaba the Hen”, “Teremok”, “Gingerbread Man”. Already after this age, you can read fairy tales, where good and evil heroes appear.

“For example, “Geese-swans”, “Wolf and seven kids”. These tales have a simple plot, but the evil characters are described as simply as possible. After reading the tale, it is important to briefly discuss the content, telling the child, for example, why the evil wolf got into the house of the goats,” Salomatova told Gazeta.Ru.

Already closer to the age of six, a child can read fairy tales with a more complex plot, for example, “The Little Humpbacked Horse”, “Cinderella”, “Thumb Boy”. However, the “gory” details of the original versions of the tales should be avoided.

“It is definitely worth discussing the content of the tale. For example, to focus not on how the tsar wanted to impale Ivanushka the Fool, but on the fact that the hero received a reward, as he was brave and enterprising, unlike his brothers, ”explained the psychologist.

Fairy tales with a more branched plot, for example, “The Snow Queen”, “The Little Mermaid” should be left for elementary school.

On July 27, Elena Kadirova, a family psychologist and expert of the Mult TV channel, said that children should not be shown cartoons if they contain scenes of violence or if the characters in the animated film show disrespect for other characters. According to her, if a character commits violence towards other characters, the child can repeat similar actions in kindergarten, on the playground and at home.

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