The price of gasoline in Russia set a new record

The wholesale price of AI-95 gasoline at the St. Petersburg International Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange (SPIMEX) set a new record. This is evidenced by trading data.

The cost of a ton of fuel on Thursday, July 2, reached 58.445 thousand rubles, adding 1.1 percent to the previous value. The cost of AI-95 gasoline in the European part of Russia increased by 0.64 percent, to 58.7 thousand rubles per ton.

The July 2 record is the third for the AI-95 gasoline in a week. The first fuel was installed on Monday, June 29, when its cost rose to 58.174 thousand rubles per ton. The next day, the price updated the maximum, reaching 58.324 thousand rubles.

The Russian tax system is designed in such a way that gas and diesel prices in retail remain stable regardless of world oil prices. The reason is a significant share of taxes in the cost of each liter, as well as a restraining damping mechanism. It consists in the fact that at high oil prices, refineries receive compensation in the form of a negative excise tax. With cheap oil, companies must pay super-profits to the state.

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