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The police detained Gatchina Manson, who escaped from the court in the Leningrad region

The police detained the accused of many years of sexual violence against his own daughter of a maniac father with many children Andrei Bovt, nicknamed Gatchina Manson.

According to the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, the detectives learned that the criminal was hiding in the Valdai forests and was going to return to St. Petersburg “hitchhiking”. He planned to get to the northern capital in a Mercedes truck.

“This information was handed over to the traffic police of the Tosnensky district of the Leningrad region. As a result, on the evening of August 4, at the 637th kilometer of the Rossiya highway, a traffic police squad stopped the specified car and detained the passenger. The wanted man has been handed over to the criminal investigation department,» the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the region said.

Andrey Bovt, 49, escaped from a courthouse in the Leningrad Region on the day of the next hearing in the case. Izvestia’s source said that the “Interception” plan was introduced in the city.

On July 27, Marina Matveyeva, cousin of Bovt’s wife, said that his mother could have helped the man escape from the courthouse. According to her, Bovt’s wife Svetlana is now on vacation with her and is not worried about her husband’s escape.

Bovt was detained in December 2019. The man is suspected of violence against his own daughter for many years. During the searches, investigators also found an arsenal of weapons in the accused.

He has eight children in total. None of them have papers.

In the house where the family lived with eight children, there was unsanitary conditions, childbirth was taken in a dirty bath. They led a reclusive life.

Archpriest Mikhail from Gatchina’s Pokrovsky Cathedral, which the Bovts often visited, believes that the wife was just as servile as the children.

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