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The operator said that the problem with the import of British gas due to dirt


The operator of the Interconnector gas pipeline connecting the UK with Belgium has encountered a problem when exporting gas to Europe. Due to the increase in British gas supplies, the filters in the gas pipeline quickly became clogged with dirt. This is stated in the company’s report dated August 1.

It is clarified that for this reason, exports had to be reduced or stopped 24 times already. The filters usually only need to be replaced twice a year.

So far, suppliers have paid about $330 million to clear the blockage, according to the operator. Toxic materials have been found in the debris clogging the filters.

On August 1, a Bank of America study was published, the authors of which state that the energy crisis in the EU countries is developing according to a terrible scenario. As noted, European states may not have enough blue fuel reserves for the winter period when the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline is operating at 20% of its capacity. According to the authors, countries like Germany and France are being forced to look for ways to plan for rationing gas supplies to build up reserves ahead of the colder months. In particular, some cities in Germany turn off floodlights on historical monuments and buildings to save energy.

On July 29, Bloomberg reported that electricity prices in Europe reached record levels in July and will continue to increase. It was noted that the basic cost of electricity is rising due to the extreme heat that European countries are currently facing and the prospect of a winter shortage of blue fuel.

Prior to that, in April, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that the refusal of a number of Western countries from normal cooperation with Russia, as well as from part of Russian energy resources, had already hit Western countries. According to him, inflation is absolutely unprecedented for these countries, prices are rising.

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