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The NYT saw a bad sign in Biden’s new positive test for covid

The re-quarantine of US President Joe Biden will seriously worsen his rating and undermine the Democrats’ efforts to maintain leadership after the fall elections. This opinion was expressed on July 30 by political commentator Peter Baker in an article for the New York Times.

“A new positive test will undermine Biden’s best efforts to get back on track and continue campaigning for his program and the Democrats. But the latter will face a difficult struggle to maintain control over both houses of Congress in the midterm elections, ”the material says.

The expert pointed out that the re-isolation pushes back the US leader’s tour of the country, which he needs after a series of foreign trips to improve the position of the Democrats in the run-up to the midterm congressional elections.

On July 21, Biden tested positive for COVID-19. It was noted that the US leader’s temperature rose to 37.5, body aches and a sore throat were observed.

Two days later, White House COVID-19 Response Team Coordinator Ashish Jha said the head of state was feeling better. The White House noted that the American leader continues to work remotely.

On July 27, Biden received two negative test results for COVID-19. At the decision of the doctor, he lifted the strict isolation measures, but continued to wear a mask in the presence of other people for their protection.

Later, on July 30, it became known that the US president again passed a positive test for coronavirus and returned to quarantine.

According to some reports, Biden may announce his candidacy for the 2024 elections as early as September.

On July 18, the results of a poll conducted by Morning Consult were published, according to which voters in 44 out of 50 US states do not approve of the work of the US president. The reported result leaves Biden noticeably worse off ahead of the midterms than Donald Trump and his party in 2018, analysts added.

The New York Times columnist Peter Baker on July 10 expressed the opinion that 79-year-old Biden is unlikely to be able to run for a second term due to health reasons. Age can become an obstacle not only for decision-making, but also for long trips envisaged by the election campaign.

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