The nutritionist listed products that will help restore the body after the holidays

You can restore the body after the New Year holidays by including some foods in the diet, said nutritionist and biochemist Ekaterina Novikova.

In a conversation with Moslenta, Novikova recommended eating nuts, berries, cocoa, brown rice, sesame and buckwheat. Fiber is capable of cleansing the body, according to the nutritionist.

“It helps to cleanse the body even of toxins, preventing them from being absorbed into the blood through the walls of the large intestine,” the expert noted.

As Novikova emphasized, fiber cleans the intestinal walls from accumulations of fecal stones, like a brush. The biochemist advises adding vegetables to the diet, especially carrots, fresh fruits, excluding grapefruit, and legumes, including beans, lentils and green peas.


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