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The nutritionist called the product to increase life expectancy

Nutritionist, director of the Samara Research Institute of Dietology and Diet Therapy, Doctor of Medical Sciences Mikhail Ginzburg spoke on July 26 about the benefits of tofu.

“It is useful because, firstly, it is a very good quality protein. Secondly, this protein, due to its amino acid composition, differs from animal protein. ‹…› Tofu contributes to the prevention of age-related diseases, favors the normalization of cholesterol metabolism, prevents the development of atherosclerosis and increases life expectancy, ”said the doctor URA.RU.

He noted that most of the benefit in tofu comes from the isoflavones. They reduce the level of inflammation in the body and protect it from the development of age-related diseases.

“Also, some isoflavones have a property similar to estrogen. This is a sex hormone, which is more in women and less in men, but both need it. The presence of such elements in the diet is assessed as beneficial. At least in women, the presence of phytoestrogen can reduce the symptoms of menopause. That is, they harmonize female hormonal metabolism,” added Ginzburg.

On July 11, nutritionist Antonina Starodubova said that a few pieces of bitter and dark chocolate can provide health benefits, in particular for the heart and blood vessels, but it is recommended to consume no more than 15–25 g of this product per day.

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