The number of fake sites for technical inspection has grown fivefold

The number of fake sites offering services for issuing a diagnostic card for a vehicle inspection has grown fivefold in 1.5 months. This was reported by the Izvestia newspaper with reference to a study by InfoSecurity a Softline Company.

Since the beginning of May, more than 500 domain names with the word “technical inspection” have been identified on the Internet. About 90% of them are fraudulent resources where it was proposed to obtain a diagnostic card without visiting a service station. Compared to March-April indicators, the number of such resources has increased fivefold.

Kirill Solodovnikov, General Director of InfoSecurity a Softline Company, explained that when using such resources, fraudsters receive personal data of users and information about their cars. Subsequently, this information can be used when committing other fraudulent actions, the specialist noted. Motorists who use such resources will only lose their money and, at best, will receive a fake diagnostic card, the expert noted.

Since March 1, the Unified Automated Vehicle Inspection System has been launched in Russia. Now, diagnostic cards must be issued directly in electronic form in the technical inspection system with the obligatory photographing of the vehicle before and after the inspection. The issued diagnostic card is signed by the electronic signature of the technical expert who performed the inspection.

On June 15, the State Duma adopted a law exempting car owners from the need to provide a diagnostic card when applying for a MTPL policy. The innovation will come into force on August 22 this year.

More details about the traffic police initiative – in the material of “Kommersant” “Inspection looks away.”

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