The number of dollar millionaires has decreased in Russia due to coronavirus

The number of dollar millionaires has declined in Russia

tanislav Zhdanov / Russian Look / Global Look Press

Dollar millionaires have decreased by 15% in Russia due to the crisis caused by the pandemic. About 37 thousand people lost their status.

Most of the dollar millionaires are “borderline”, whose fortune is estimated at $ 1–2 million, said Grigory Sedov, head of the department for working with private clients of Renaissance Capital Bank.

We assume that up to 15% of the total number of millionaires in Russia could lose this status after the events, ”Sedova quoted Forbes.

Another expert, Managing Partner at Knight Frank Russia, Alexey Novikov, believes that 10% of the total number could lose the status of a dollar millionaire. The reason was a general drop in markets and a slowdown in the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier, reported that the number of dollar millionaires and billionaires in Russia in 2019 increased sharply against the background of maintaining an extremely high level of income inequality. As of mid-2019, the number of dollar billionaires in the Russian Federation compared with the 12-month-old period increased from 74 to 110 people, and dollar millionaires – from 172 thousand to 246 thousand people.

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