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The VEB.RF Development Institute, together with Rostec and Rostelecom, have prepared a scheme for financing the launch of the Safe City hardware and software complex (AIC) in the regions, the total cost of which is estimated at RUB 97 billion. Rostec and Rostelecom will ensure the supply of equipment and the creation of infrastructure, and VEB.RF will allocate up to 3 billion rubles to each entity. to purchase these solutions. From a financial point of view, experts do not see the new scheme of risks for launching a project. But the quality of the implementation, in their opinion, may suffer due to the lack of competition among the performers.

Sources told Kommersant that on May 13, a special interdepartmental commission discussed the financing scheme for the Safe City agro-industrial complex project developed by VEB.RF, Rostec and Rostelecom in the regions. As part of the cooperation, Rostec’s enterprises will take over the production of the project’s hardware (sensors, controllers, video recording equipment), Rostelecom will provide the software and communications, and VEB.RF will allocate up to 3 billion rubles. on the implementation of the agro-industrial complex in each constituent entity of the federation, explained one of the interlocutors of Kommersant. The funds, he said, can be allocated within the framework of concession agreements or life cycle contracts.

Rostec confirmed that the project is under study, refusing to disclose details. VEB.RF reported that they are considering the possibility of financing projects in the direction of “Safe and Smart City”, they “are at the initial stage of development.”

Many regions do not have their own funds for the implementation of large digital infrastructure projects, and the participation of development institutions can give an additional impetus to digitalization, added Rostelecom.

The government’s plans to significantly modify the Safe City project, supervised by the Ministry of Emergencies and Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, became known in the summer of 2020 (see Kommersant on July 17, 2020). APK “Safe City” has been developed since 2014. The complex aggregates information about incidents from different systems, including video recording; by 2020, 12 regions reported on its launch. During this time, over 16 billion rubles were allocated from the budgets of the constituent entities for the creation of the system, and the total expenses for the creation of security systems of various levels exceeded 150 billion rubles, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported to the Deputy Prime Minister in July.

At the same time, the ministry acknowledged that there are a number of problems associated with the fragmentation of the collected data. The Ministry of Emergency Situations proposed to modernize the agro-industrial complex by creating a new state information system (GIS) on its basis. The ministry estimated the cost of the revision at 97 billion rubles. (58.5 billion rubles. From the federal and 38.6 billion rubles. From regional and municipal budgets). The explosion of a residential building in Magnitogorsk on December 31, 2018, which killed 39 people, pushed the start of work on the creation of a single contour of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The structures of FSO, Rosatom, Rostekh and Rostelecom applied for the implementation of a large-scale project. The development of unified technical standards and protocols was undertaken by the Rostec National Informatization Center (see Kommersant dated October 23, 2020). But already in February it became known that the Ministry of Digital Industry wanted to gain control over the project (see Kommersant of February 3), and disagreements began in the Ministry of Emergency Situations regarding the agro-industrial complex. Now, according to Kommersant’s sources familiar with the situation, the Emergencies Ministry, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Yuri Borisov are working on the project.

Experts interviewed by Kommersant believe that the main problem that hinders the launch of the Safe City is the lack of a budget for digitalization in the regions.

“Automation of urban infrastructure management and its safety are important tasks. But for many constituent entities of the Federation, it is not a priority, ”notes Sergey Matusevich, director of web technologies development at Artezio.

From a financial point of view, there are no risks for the project in the new financing scheme, says the president of the Russoft Association Valentin Makarov: “The state corporation is actually transferring funds to other state corporations, everything is according to plan and without surprises. Payment for projects from the subjects in this case is guaranteed. ” From the point of view of the ratio of price and quality, such projects are unlikely to be effective, the expert believes, since there is no competition in them. “But there is no such goal either,” he admits.

It’s not bad that VEB promises to financially support the agro-industrial complex, but in this case, as in most other digital projects, the money will go to a narrow circle of federal monopolists, emphasizes Nikolai Komlev from the Association of Computer and Information Technology Enterprises. He believes that private IT companies, and even more so regional ones, will not be allowed into the project, that is, there will be no “that very impulse for the development of the domestic IT business, which is declared by the state.”

At the same time, adds Valentin Makarov, for private businesses the probability of receiving payment for service contracts from the subjects of the federation traditionally does not exceed 50%: local authorities can always find a reason not to pay small and medium-sized companies, so for reliability they try to conclude contracts with subjects through state corporations.

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