The most anticipated concerts of 2023

Ilya Reznik – 85

Songwriter Ilya Reznik wrote most of the pop hits of the 70s and 90s, which are still heard today. “Maestro”, “Vintage Clock”, “I will part the clouds with my hands”, “A stewardess named Jeanne”, “It’s not evening yet”, “How disturbing this path is”, “Wanderer”, “You take me with you”, “Apple trees in bloom” – these are all his lines. Without them, there would be no popular hits…

At one time, Reznik left to live and work as a producer in the United States, but then returned to his homeland. Again he writes poetry, songs, caustic epigrams. He also collects ditties. He has them in two volumes. In general, Reznik knows how to live with irony and clover.

Ilya Reznik is a poet, without whom other stars might not have taken place. His 85th birthday will be a meeting of legends. Photo: RIA Novosti

Among those who could not do without his poems for songs are Alla Pugacheva, Irina Allegrova, Vladimir Presnyakov, Philip Kirkorov, Laima Vaikule, Tatyana Bulanova, “A Studio”, Alexander Marshal and two dozen more names.

Two days before the 85th birthday, Ilya Reznik will present the program “Anniversary Vernissage” under the motto “All hits – all stars”. There will be many artists, some will have to come from abroad.

2 April. Moscow, Crocus City Hall.

“Night snipers”

Diana Arbenina’s group did not go on tour for almost two years. Either a pandemic, then the preparation of a new album “Oxygen”, then the release of a book of prose, essays and poems “Snow Leopard”, then work on the program “Airplane Mode” and participation in the jury of the TV contest “You are super!”. But in 2023 there will be many concerts again! Diana Arbenina celebrates her anniversary on stage – “30 years of rock and roll”. Not so long ago, she also released a new single, which already with its name “Charm” helps to understand what has helped her achieve success on stage all these years. Yes, and two other new songs – “Euphoria” and Shuba will certainly get into the program. Like “31st Spring”, “Asphalt”, “Bonnie and Clyde” and “Bunin”.

Start of the tour on January 24 in Yaroslavl. The final show will take place on Arbenina’s birthday in Moscow – she always celebrates it with her fans on July 8th. A year ago, she sang while sailing on a boat on the Moscow River. But in honor of the anniversary, I chose a larger site.

Diana Arbenina has released a book and is going on tour again with a new program. Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofiev / TASS

July 8. Moscow. Stadium “The opening of the Arena”.

Marie Crimebrery

The charming and elegant singer, who boldly and poetically combined the enthusiasm of R&B, dance-oriented pop melodies and teenage recklessness, released a new single “Let me go” before the New Year. We used to love her eccentrically tender hits about girlish defenselessness and strength: “How are you, baby?”, “I wanted your last name”, “Sea” and “Hiding in the bathroom”. A more pop song, originally sung by Valeria, was appreciated …

Marie Crimebrery’s premieres are always up-to-date fashionable music, and at the same time – fresh fashion and dance trends. Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS

And now Marie Kraymbreri, who was born in Krivoy Rog, but has been living for a long time and has become her own in Russia, is preparing for the first big stadium concerts of “Proper Name” in Moscow and St. Petersburg. And he will present two parts of the new album “The whole world will recognize us” at once. Which means it won’t stop there.

May 12 – Moscow, VTB Arena. May 14 – St. Petersburg, Yubileiny Sports Palace.

Sergey Zhukov & “Hands Up!”

This is friendly, melodious, melodic music. Usually dance. Someone will say that it is rustic, predictable, without new ideas and completely out of time. But this is only partly true: technically, both the show and the sound quality are at a high and modern level. “Hands up!” – this is actually a new folk, only with pop melodies, bosom choruses and friendly communication of frontman Sergei Zhukov with a crowded hall. Last year, Hands Up! brought together 72 thousand spectators at the BSA Luzhniki (the largest arena in the country).

February 10 “Hands up!” the anniversary tour starts from Magnitogorsk, then 10 more cities, and then they are waiting for a new record in the capital’s Luzhniki.

July 22 – Moscow, BSA “Luzhniki”.

“Alice”, “Lube”, Denis Maidanov

Now in our country, one might say, a competition has begun for who will book this date for a concert – Defender of the Fatherland Day. On February 23, “Lube” will perform in the Moscow “Crocus City Hall” with the program “For You”. There will also be two new songs “Good, dear” and “Eastern Front”. The second is an actual remake by Igor Matvienko, who added his own music and lyrics to the song from the time of the Great Patriotic War.

The Lyube group has always loved to perform on Defender of the Fatherland Day, February 23rd. Now other artists wanted to take the stage on this holiday. Photo: RIA Novosti

On the same day, Denis Maidanov will present the program “Victory for us!”. This is again sweeping melodious pop-rock, there will also be songs from the new album “I’m staying”, about which the musician said that this disc is “against money”.

And finally, it seems, for the first time on this day, “Alice” will sing. Its leader, Konstantin Kinchev, congratulated his fans on the New Year like this: “Dear, dear and beloved! Happy New Year to everyone. No one knows what the next one will be. But I’m sure the pigs won’t eat us…”

February 23. Moscow. “Lube” – “Crocus City Hall”; Denis Maidanov – Vegas City Hall; “Alisa” – DK named after Gorbunov, (and on February 25 – A2 Green Concert of St. Petersburg).

Direct speech

Parting words to the audience before the tour

Sergey Zhukov:

– Love each other. I advise. It’s the best I’ve ever tried. Well, honestly.

In the morning. At work. On the weekend. On Monday, midweek and even on vacation. Although I do not insist on vacation. It is very difficult to love on vacation when you open your eyes, and children’s suitcases with things have not yet been sorted. That’s how they stand….

And on Mondays, when not on vacation, it’s difficult. When you need to sleep, but already at exactly 8.00 someone is jumping. Yes, right for you…

But you know, it’s even harder not to love. I tried. It’s because no one jumps on you, there is no one to turn on the cartoons, and the suitcases are all removed. Brr. I do not like it this way. I do not advise.


Who is visiting us?

Foreign tours of stars in 2023 are not yet planned. German metallers Accept, who were supposed to arrive in February, were the last ones to refuse. All the more reason to pay attention to ours. They absolutely deserve it.

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