The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the SAR commented on the attack on a government building in Es-Suweida


The Syrian Ministry of Interior reported that at 11:30 am the criminals, some of whom were carrying firearms, blocked the road with burning tires in the city of Al-Suwayda. This was reported by the agency SANA.

The department said in a statement that a group of people went to the administration building and opened fire indiscriminately, injuring one policeman and several citizens. The radicals who penetrated inside the government building began to throw folders with documents out of the windows and break furniture.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the SAR informed that the department will bring criminals to justice and take legal action against anyone who tries to encroach on the security and stability of the province of Es-Suwayda and its inhabitants.

According to media reports, about 200 demonstrators took to the streets to protest against the economic situation in the region. The most aggressive of them tried to storm the building of the police station, but they were prevented by the guards. As a result of clashes with armed men, a policeman was killed.

The city of Es-Suwayda is the center of the province of the same name in the south of the country. Druze make up a significant part of the region’s population. For many years, this religious minority avoided open participation in the conflict in the territory of the SAR.

Due to Western sanctions, Syria is experiencing economic difficulties. There is a periodic shortage of food and other goods in the country. In addition, a shortage of fuel is recorded in the Arab Republic, largely due to the fact that the oil-bearing regions of the state are under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces group and its American patrons.


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